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Of all the services we render to thousands of customers, guidance is perhaps our most vital. Our guidance is influenced by over ten decades of experience, but is driven by an unwavering focus on the future. With roots back over 120 years; Insurors of Texas began its tradition in 1900 when John Francis Marshall founded an insurance agency in Central Texas. As one of the most progressive insurance brokerages in the state, Insurors of Texas offers an almost unparalleled combination of extensive industry contacts, in-house expertise, forward-thinking innovation and comprehensive personal service. People are the backbone of Insurors of Texas. Our employees are leaders in their fields. They bring extensive product knowledge, broad industry education and a dedication to thoughtful and innovative solutions.

Our customers are our prime focus. Every facet of our business is constantly examined for ways to bring greater ease, comfort and convenience to our customers. Our success has been and always will be measured by their satisfaction, peace of mind and well-being.

We have instituted the highest standards possible for staying at the forefront of our industry and serving our customers. As we climb towards the future, we intend to take those standards even higher.

Insurors of Texas has been recognized by The Independent Agents of America as being one of the top 200 insurance agencies in the nation. Achieving inclusion in this elite “Best Practices” Study Group is based on Insurors’ outstanding customer service, growth, stability and financial management.

We continually push the envelope of technology, leaving our sales and service team more time to deal with client concerns. Our professional relationships with leading Insurance Companies leads to the provision of superior coverage’s and competitive premiums for our clients. Only by dealing with the best insurers, do we have a chance of providing the best protection for our clients.

Insurors of Texas celebrates being in business for more than 120 years, providing clients and insurers with stability and experience in dealing with their insurance and financial services matters.

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